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Associative Acrylic Thickener RHEOTECH 3800 (200 KG)


RHEOTECH™ 3800 is an associative acrylic thickener designed to improve both the rheology and the color acceptance of water based formulations. Its outstanding effectiveness at medium shear rates allows to control very easily the perceived quality of paints during handling and to facilitate coating by roll or by brush, especially for finishing touches. RHEOTECH™ 3800 ensures safe additions of colorants in water based formulations, limiting viscosity changes and rub-out issues. RHEOTECH™ 3800 can be used in every kind of alkaline water based formulation and particularly in solvent and Alkyl Phenol Ethoxylate (APE) free formulations.


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Rheotech™ 3800 improves rheology and color acceptance of water-based formulations, it controls the perceived quality at handling and application by roll or by brush, especially for finishing touches. It shows high efficiency and robustness to use with various latex technologies. Rheotech™ 3800 is designed for matt and semi-matt paints.




RHEOTECH™ 3800 is an associative acrylic thickener which provides outstanding properties to water based formulations thanks to its exclusive design. It offers maximized features for most requirements: efficiency, rheology profile, ease of use, pigment compatibility, versatility, water resistance.


RHEOTECH™ 3800 interacts both with the binder and with the water medium, thus imparting to the formulations an optimized balance between high and low shear viscosities. The unique rheological properties provided by RHEOTECH™ 3800 ensures a successful use in medium and high PVC (pigment volume concentration) dispersion paints. Partial or total replacement of cellulosic ethers can be envisaged e.g. in fillers, flat and semi-gloss paints with benefits in ease of use, coating properties and pigment compatibility. One of the unique characteristics of RHEOTECH™ 3800 is its unusual effectiveness at medium shear rates.


Accurate control of the medium shear viscosity enables to improve in can appearance, especially during hand stirring: a higher medium shear viscosity offers the guarantee for a higher quality valuation of the paint. It also facilitates the handling of the paint especially during finishing touches. High values for medium shear viscosity can also be achieved with formulations showing very low binder content, which is generally not the case with associative thickeners.

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