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Nitrogenous cationic surface-acting agent SUPERSHIELD BKC50 (200KGS)


Benzalkonium Chloride 50% is a colorless Liquid, Soluble in water under normal temperature.

Used for Oil Antiseptic, ponds disinfectant. It is a safe, rapid acting bactericide, algaecide and Fungicide. Not freezing and keep liquid status under the very low temperature this product is a nitrogenous cationic surface-acting agent belonging to the quaternary ammonium group.

Benzalkonium chloride has 3 main categories of use: 

  • biocide
  • cationic surfactant¬†
  • phase transfer agent

in the chemical industry.

Benzalkonium chloride is readily soluble in ethanol and acetone. Although dissolution in water is slow, aqueous solutions are easier to handle and are preferred. Solutions should be neutral to slightly alkaline, with color ranging from colorless to a pale yellow. Solutions foam profusely when shaken, have a bitter taste and a faint almond-like odour which is only detectable in concentrated solutions.


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