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Synthetic versatile dispersant for Water-borne systems COADIS 123 K (200KGS)


COADIS 123 K is a synthetic, versatile dispersant which provides easy fillers and pigments dispersion, good storage stability and improved water resistance to water-borne systems.

COADIS 123 K’s utilisation is recommended for flat or gloss dispersion paints, renderings and plasters, and also organic pigment pastes (e.g. carbon black dispersion).

COADIS 123 K therefore appears as a versatile dispersant, recommended for a broad range of water-borne systems.


Due to its hydrophobic character, COADIS 123 K significantly contributes to improve water resistance of water-based systems with high PVC, such as plasters, renderings and flat dispersion paints, compared with classical acrylic dispersants.

Water resistance can be estimated, e.g. for flat dispersion paints, through wet scrub resistance tests on dry film or early water resistance tests on recent film.

Replacement of a classical acrylic dispersant by COADIS 123 K in a washable flat dispersion paint can raise the water resistance of the paint up to a scrub resistance level.


COADIS 123 K is:

  • A liquid, ready-to-use dispersant,
  • A versatile dispersant, usable in a broad number of application fields, from plasters to high gloss,
  • Formulations,
  • Compatible with a wide range of organic pigments.

COADIS 123 K provides:

  • Excellent early water and scrub resistance to formulations with high PVC,
  • Excellent gloss level to gloss and semi-gloss dispersion paints,
  • Good dispersing efficiency and on aging stability.

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