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Active Cooling Agent KOKO ML-40 (1 KG)
  • Price : RP2.201.648,00

Active cooling agent which has sustained cooling effect. KOKO ML-40 is soluble in cosmetic oils, fragrances, ethanol, ethanol/water mixtures and glycols. It can be used in cosmetics such as pre/after-shave products, deodorants, dry stick anti perspirants, body lotions, shower gels/all-over shampoos, soaps, cleansing masks, etc.

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It can be used in both “Rinse off” and “Leave on” products. Examples are facial cleansers, hair shampoos, body gels, shave products; sun care products, skincare products, body sprays, lip balms, deodorants, foot powders, and countless others where a cooling effect is desired.



  • Low or no odor
  • Sustained cooling effect
  • Mild or non-irritating
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