Liquid Acrylic Associated Thickener THIXOL 53L (200 KG)

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Liquid Acrylic Associated Thickener THIXOL 53L (200 KG)


THIXOL™ 53 L is a liquid acrylic associated thickener providing a strong pseudoplastic rheological profile to water-based systems. This product significantly prevents settling and sagging without affecting levelling properties.

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APPLICATIONS THIXOL™ 53 L is a pure associated acrylic thickener, dispersed in water. It thickens in a medium with a pH preferably adjusted between 8 and 9 and passes from its natural acid delivery form to its neutralized and water soluble form.


THIXOL™ 53 L addition level is between 0.1% and 1% of dry product on total formulation, which in most cases is below 0.5%.


THIXOL™ 53 L is an associated thickener. It develops its thickening efficiency through hydrophobic interactions which will influence viscosity at very low shear rate and thus will prevent settling and sagging.


The relatively low speed viscosity recovering of THIXOL™ 53 L after coating provides a real thixotropic effect and improves the compromise between levelling and sagging: a better levelling will be reached without sagging.


In order to obtain this effect, one should use the minimum quantity of THIXOL™ 53 L to hinder sagging and give a good coating.

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