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Non-ionic Water-Soluble Cellulose Ether GABROSA M700 (25 KG)
  • Price : RP90.181,00

GABROSATM M 700 is a non-ionic, water soluble cellulose ether intended as a water retaining and consistency improving additive to cement based mortars. High viscosity grade of methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose for improving consistency and water retaining.

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Applications GABROSATM M 700 is used in cement-based tile adhesive and grout mortars for improvement of workability, consistency, water retention and adhesion. Normal dosage in mortars is 0.3 - 0.7 % calculated on the dry mortar weight.

GABROSATM M 700 is intended for dry mixing with other powder materials and should not be used for direct dissolving in water.

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