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Dry Mortar Optimized Polymer ELOTEX FLOWKIT74 (25 KG)


ELOTEX® FLOWKIT74 is an optimized polymer composition based on vinyl acetate, ethylene and acrylate, designed for dry mortar applications. ELOTEX® FLOWKIT74 performs as a polymer binder with adhesion and cohesion properties and fluidifies as a PCE superplasticizer. 

In addition to conventional PCE superplasticizers ELOTEX® FLOWKIT74 presents the following unique benefits:
- it provides excellent flow and levelling properties
- perfect rheology and workability
- reduced water demand and short wet out mixing time for machine applied self-levelling compounds.  

It is an alternative for casein as a superplasticizer in cementitious self-levelling floor compounds as it provides a similar rheological profile both in terms of viscosity and stability. ELOTEX® FLOWKIT74 provides also a stabilizing effect, reducing segregation, sedimentation and bleeding. In most cases, no further stabilizers are needed. Furthermore it shows excellent compatibility with varying cement qualities, almost no retardation of cement hydration and improved early strength development. In addition it is compatible with all typical retarder systems such as tartaric acid, citric acid and trisodium citrate ELOTEX® FLOWKIT74 enables high compressive / flexural strengths, high adhesion to substrate and overlayment, and good cohesion and flexibility within the cementitious layer. In addition, it improves abrasion and impact resistance while minimizing risks of shrinkage cracks. ELOTEX® FLOWKIT74 allows formulators to easily develop and produce robust selflevelling floor formulations with wide compounding latitude with one single multifunctional additive, saving costs for raw materials and logistics. 

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  • Optimized for use in self-levelling compounds
  • Replacement of superplasticizers and redispersible polymer powders
  • Alternative for casein
  • Useful to formulate finished products with very low emission according to EMICODE® EC1 PLUS
  • Strong fluidification at a much lower dosage than with conventional superplasticizers (performance and cost advantage)
  • Very fast and long-lasting fluidification (short mixing time and long workability time)
  • Minimum retardation of cement hydration
  • Excellent compatibility with varying cement qualities
  • Compatible with all typical retarder systems  
  • Raw material and logistic cost savings 

Recommended Applications 
For modification of hydraulically setting systems.  
Main application areas

  • Use in systems containing cement such as self-levelling floor compounds, especially in thin-layer applications
  • Specially suitable for ecologically demanding cement and gypsum containing floor paving products, in which pollution of living area by volatile organic components (VOC) must be as low as possible (EMICODE® EC1 PLUS)
  • Also suitable for several other drymix mortar formulations for fluidification and/or for reduction of water/cement ratio (to increase strength and to reduce shrinkage)
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