Multi-purpose Redispersible Binder ELOTEX SEAL 80: Chem On Indonesia


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Silane-based Waterproofing Agent ELOTEX SEAL 80 (10 KG)
  • Price : RP173.618,00

Silane based waterproofing agent. ELOTEX® SEAL80 is a highly active, redispersible, silane based waterproofing agent. Special additive for waterproofing mineral, cement-based mortar systems. Ideally suited for plasters, renders, joint fillers, sealing mortars/slurries and cement powder paints in exterior and wet applications. Basically wherever a high degree of hydrophobicity is required with cement-based mortar systems. 

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During processing

  • Excellent mixing properties with practically no wetting delay
  • No detrimental effects on working properties
  • Compatible with other additives

In the cured state

  • Excellent hydrophobicity, water repellency
  • Greatly reduced water absorption
  • Reduced susceptibility to dirt
  • Long-lasting effectiveness
  • Slightly increased final strengths
  • Slightly improved bending tensile strength, compressive strength and abrasion resistance 


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