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Flexible Redispersible Polymer Powder ELOTEX 80W (25 KG)
  • Price : RP39.297,00/kg

ELOTEX® 80W is a flexible redispersible polymer powder based on a copolymer of vinyl acetate and ethylene. It acts as an organic binder to enhance the adhesion ability, cohesion, and workability of corresponding building materials, such as ready-mix dry mortars. 

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ELOTEX® 80W is a flexible product with high ethylene content and neutral rheology, especially suitable for formulating mortar coats with good adhesion and impact resistance on polystyrene substrates, while also offering improved deformability and flexural strength. ELOTEX® 80W shows low emission levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC), allowing manufacturers to formulate finished products in accordance with eco-labelling requirements, such as EMICODE.

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